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SaaS Solutions

We know how the industry works and precisely what is needed to simplify operations and improve waste data quality. 

The suite of Foresight SaaS solutions provide the tools for property stakeholders to take control over their waste operations and reporting requirements.  

Our resource-efficient and easy-to-use tools support properties to improve NABERS Waste ratings, achieve diversion rate targets, and enhance operational efficiencies. 


Waste Contractor Reporting

Review transparent, independent, and accessible monthly waste data. 

Consolidate all waste information from multiple sources into one centralised platform.  

Use data visualisations to highlight operational inefficiencies and potential opportunities.  

Compare diversion performance against other sites in a portfolio. 

Download data and reports for stakeholder sharing and reporting requirements.  

Disparate data formats? Multiple waste contractors? Streamline all waste data with our Waste Contractor Reporting offering. 


Bintally lets you secure an independent second data source for NABERS Waste ratings, implement waste contractor invoice accountability, and report tenant-level contamination. 


The mobile app feeds directly to our database – no more clipboards, scanning, or emails.

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A simple yet powerful tool for counting bins and logging tenant-level contamination.


We’re making life easier.  

No more emails, excels, or PDFs for waste meeting minutes.  

Fe Synthesis Portal is the hub for all waste information, including delegated action items from waste meetings.  

Stakeholders can review progress at a site and state portfolio level.  

Automated nudge notifications are sent to stakeholders with outstanding action items.  

Move on from traditional meeting minutes with TaskTracker.

The OSAT provides absolute transparency on all waste.  


Tenant-level reporting: granular reporting options, from whole-building to tenant or floor-level insights.  


NABERS Waste ready: achieve the highest level of data integrity for a NABERS Waste rating.  


Contractor accountability: gain visibility over your waste operations to increase transparency across all stakeholders.  


Capture additional waste streams: report data from tenant-managed or difficult to source waste streams. 

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The OSAT (On-site Analytical Tool) is the most advanced and user-friendly onsite bin weighing system.


Picture this, your diversion rate has plateaued, but you can't confirm why. Why is the Organics composition continuously low? Why are there so many recyclables in General Waste? You know that some tenancies don't have Organics caddies or still have under-desk bins, but it's hard to keep track.  


TenantIQ collects tenancy waste infrastructure information in a simple online survey.  In less than three minutes per floor, an individual can answer each survey question, giving the property manager access to every waste performance opportunity available to a tenancy. 

Learn what bin systems tenants have on their floors, identify opportunities for improved waste performance, and benchmark metrics against Australia’s leading assets.


No one wants more emails in their inbox, so say goodbye to searching in archive folders or past trails for missing documentation.  

Stakeholders can now verify and keep track of all waste-related reports, audits, and other resources via Fe Synthesis Portal.  

WasteDocs centralises the storage of stakeholder waste management documents within the Fe Synthesis Portal.  


Foresight filled a gap in the market – before SmartPacker, smart compactor data was being collected, but it had no where to go. The reporting provides visibility over individual retailer and user waste disposal behaviour, enabling targeted engagement and education to specific stakeholders. 

Understand which retail tenants are generating the most landfill each month and use the data to start meaningful conversations.

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