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We consult to provide industry-leading guidance for reducing waste impacts. 

We seek and deliver information transparency to help achieve the highest sustainability outcomes.  

We act independently and with the utmost integrity.  


Foresight has contributed to developing and implementing the NABERS Waste rules and the Better Buildings Partnership (BBP) guidelines, which underpin much of the best-practice within the waste industry. Using this experience, combined with waste data and analytics, Foresight provides the most accurate consulting support available across the industry. 

Bespoke one-on-one support to reach your waste and recycling objectives.  

NABERS Rating 

A NABERS Ready report provides a building with the data findings, indicative NABERS Waste results, and recommendations for improvement to assist their path towards a formal NABERS Waste rating. 

Having collaborated with the NABERS Waste team for over five years, the Foresight NABERS Waste team deliver the most thorough and accurate waste ratings.  

Foresight has four NABERS accredited assessors and has conducted more NABERS Waste audits and ratings than any other participating organisation.  

Tenant Engagement

We know how to talk trash. Whether it’s a Lunch ‘n’ Learn workshop, a lift-screen sign, or tenancy waste signage, we have you covered. Our in-house communications and design team let us be your one-stop shop for every waste-related need.  

By combining knowledge of behavioural-change science and up-to-date waste industry news, with in-house design capabilities, Foresight can support the development of any waste communication material. 

Waste Audits

Contamination Audits: To determine the contamination rate, a contamination audit of each recycling stream per site is required annually. Where the property is also seeking NABERS Waste certification, this audit must be supervised by a NABERS accredited auditor. 

Missed Opportunity Audits: As stakeholders can often perceive their waste management practices and performance as significantly different to their actual audit results, missed opportunity audits are highly revealing. These audit results provide a comprehensive foundation from which to base tenant engagement and performance-improving activities.  

The Foresight audit team conduct audits according to your property’s needs; Contamination Audits for determining contamination rates and seeking NABERS Waste certification and Missed Opportunity Audits for targeting tenant engagement efforts.  

Waste Management Plans

We frequently work with developers and architects to prepare Waste Management Plans for DA approval across the healthcare, industrial, commercial, retail, residential, education, public space, and hospitality industries. We confidential provide expert advice on the issues related to waste management across your project.  

The Waste Management Plan is the foundational document for all buildings and provides a central reference point for all waste-related information relevant to a property.  

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